Platycerium bifurcatum


Also known as Staghorn Fern

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Pot size 17cm diameter

Length approximately 60cm

Platycerium bifurcatum is an epiphytic fern native primarily to Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia rain forests. It has antler-like foliage as well as a flat basal leaf, the flat leaves are infertile and turn brown and papery with age. These ferns can reach up to 1m across and can live outside over the summer in a shady spot.

Care as follows:

  • Medium to bright indirect sunlight, avoid full sun
  • Dunk base of plant in rainwater for 10-20 minutes (until heavy) and drain. A mature plant can withstand being dry for a while and will become floppy when in need of watering
  • Feed every 4 weeks throughout the summer and every 8 weeks over the winter when the plant is dormant
  • The brown, shield-like basal fronds should not be removed even if they look dead until they fall off naturally, as they help anchor and protect the plant.
  • Don’t try to wipe off the tiny whitish-grey, furry scales on the fertile fronds that make them dusty-looking as that covering helps slow transpiration. Withered fertile fronds can be pruned off.

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