Sinningia leucotricha or “Brazilian Edelweiss” is an interesting succulent, found in Brazil in alpine conditions is part of the same family as African Violets and Streptocarpus.

It is a super easy plant to care for as it can tolerate periods of neglect, it can also tolerate cultural conditions ranging from full-sun to partial shade, drought to high rainfall (frequent watering, but not standing in water) and near freezing conditions to baking sun!

This plant has a rather slow growing caudex like tuber which will take several years to grow to just a couple of inches. It is a deciduous plant with fury silvery leaves and small orange flowers, the leaves can last a couple of years before dying back and usually, but not always, produce new leaves before the older growth dies – so it is pretty much always in leaf. As the Caudex gets bigger the plant will grow multiple stems and will eventually form a rather dense canopy of leaves when it is mature.

This plant can be propagated by root offshoots or plant seed.