Our houseplant service for shops installs beautiful plants in your retail space. Indoor plants provide a natural backdrop to the things you sell, or help create an eye-catching focal point for window displays and set pieces. We’ve put plants in vintage and clothing shops, cafes, jewellery shops and designer homeware shops, either permanently or as a part of a temporary featured window display, but we can matchmake plants and design layouts to suit any space and function, including greening, screening and showcasing.


If you have office space that, like many, is relying on a few lonely yukkas or weeping figs to provide the greenery, we can design a greener, more lively natural environment that brings a genuine and healthy feelgood factor to your workspace. We can source and provide plants that reflect your brand – from big and bold to small and neat, to architectural wonders of the houseplant world that are certain to be original talking points. We’ve installed plants in board rooms, receptions and team spaces, but they’ll make their home wherever there are people, sunlight and occasional attention (we can help look after them too). Whatever line of business you’re in, without a doubt, people respond positively to a lovely bit of plant life in their work life, and there is plenty of evidence of additional health benefits too.


Everyone likes a lean, mean office space, but the fashion for spartan spaces has its downsides. A paper produced by Exeter University in 2014 concluded that employees are 15% more productive when they have a few houseplants in their workspace, with improvements in basic functions like memory retention. There is a wealth of evidence on the many benefits of a splash of natural colour where you work:

  • Plants provide cleaner air and improved mental function. Studies show a 50% absorbtion of CO2 and less dust and bacteria in the air
  • Plants release about 97% of the water they take in, improving humidity, reducing incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs
  • Plants reduce stress, with one study concluding a 37-58% drop in stress related conditions in plant-loving offices.